All the help you'll need

Bringing your idea to market is difficult. Delivering a complex project on time and budget is stressful.

When you are preparing to put so much time, money and passion into your idea, why would you consider trusting anyone but an experienced professional?

By giving you my years of practical experience, I can help and guide you to deliver a successful digital product to your users that exceed their expectations.

How I help you build better

Validating what matters

Solving problems involving software can be a daunting task - working out what is practical or even possible.

I help you and your team to explore problems and propose solutions, offering technical guidance during design sprints and researching third-party vendors you may be considering.

Finally, I can deliver digital prototypes. These demonstrate the core of your solution to engage key stakeholders or secure investment.

Blueprints for success

You have a sales and marketing strategy, so why are you neglecting to do the same for the technology you are investing so much in?

A technical strategy captures how your website or app is built - the data it manages, the third-parties it works with and, most importantly, how it will be supported to grow in the future.

Develop, test, deliver

With the future of your business tied so closely to the development of your website or app, you need to depend on someone with a proven track record.

With commercial experience of projects ranging from single page, high fidelity microsites to multi-tenant global SaaS data systems, I am confident delivering any size project for my clients.

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Over the course of over fifteen years, I've delivered results for clients ranging from small local businesses to major UK brands

Myself and my colleagues are better developers due to Ian setting the bench mark on the quality of code that we produce as well as improving the processes that we use day to day.

Ian is simply a top-rate developer: he gets complex issues, he has a very broad skill set from architecture and databases right through to front end work.

He has a great picture and overview of what needs to be accomplished. His design and development skills have been key to the successful launch of many projects.

Ian always goes above and beyond to ensure all the right questions are asked to ensure the team covers all the important and relevant issues

Let me help you bring your next website or app to market

From a workshop to explore your problem through to development of a full market-ready solution, it all starts with a friendly conversation.